Why CacheGuard?

At CacheGuard Technologies we understand that SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) can’t afford to invest millions for their network Security and traffic Optimization but they still deserve to remain safe and need to offer high quality network traffic to their collaborators and clients. That’s why we designed CacheGuard Gateway, an enterprise grade and fair price solution especially designed to address SME requirements.

Used Technologies by Large Businesses

Large businesses with a significant IT budget opt to stack multiple appliances to meet their requirements. In such an architecture, each requirement is addressed by a distinct appliance and considerable efforts are made to make them work together. Below you can see what a large business network infrastructure looks like:

CacheGuard Alternative

A typical large business network infrastructure includes the following technologies: a QoS (Quality of Service) and WAN Optimization manager such as Riverbed® or Ipanema®, a Firewall & VPN server such as Palo Alto® or Cisco ASA®, an ADC (Application Delivery Controller) such as F5 BIG-IP® or Cisco Secure ADC®, a Web Gateway such as McAfee Web Gateway® or Blue Coat Web Gateway® and a WAF (Web Application Firewall) such as Fortinet FortiWeb® or F5 Advanced WAF®. We let you to guess the required budget to purchase, implement such solutions.

The real Cost of Network Appliances

Appliances destined to the large business market are unreasonable expensive because:

  • You pay for software while 99% of them are open source and free. Integrating open source software shouldn’t be so expensive!
  • You pay hardware made in China ten times more expensive than their real values!
  • You pay useless ASIC developments while the latest CPU in the market would be more powerful at a lower cost.
  • You (indirectly) pay the huge marketing investment made by companies that sell them.

CacheGuard Gateway makes the Difference

CacheGuard Gateway embeds a firewall, a Web gateway, a VPN server, a Web application load balancer, a network traffic optimizer and a WAF (Web Application Firewall). And the great thing is: CacheGuard Gateway is free for up to 10 users and is offered at a fair price for more users. Below you can see what a CacheGuard Gateway based network infrastructure looks like:

CacheGuard UTM

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The power of CacheGuard solutions concentrated in a unique network appliance allows you to gain in productivity by reducing the complexity and cost of heterogeneous stacked technologies. Download CacheGuard-OS and install it on the virtual or hardware machine of your choice and get network appliance within minutes.

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