Why CacheGuard?

At CacheGuard Technologies Ltd. we consider that Security and Quality of Service are not reserved for Large Businesses only. That’s why we are developing High Quality solutions offered at a Fair Price to all Organizations regardless of their size. Our solutions have been especially designed to be Functional and Easy to Handle by SME and individuals.

Used Technologies by Large Businesses

If you were a large business with a significant IT budget, you would probably opt to stack multiple technologies to meet your exceptions. Below you can see what a large business network infrastructure looks like:

CacheGuard Alternative

Large businesses usually purchase one solution per requirement and then make considerable efforts to implement and integrate them. A typical large business network infrastructure may include the following technologies: a QoS (Quality of Service) and WAN Optimization manager such as Riverbed® or Ipanema®, a Firewall & VPN server such as Palo Alto® or Cisco ASA®, an ADC (Application Delivery Controller) such as F5 BIG-IP® or Cisco Secure ADC®, a Web Gateway such as McAfee Web Gateway® or Blue Coat Web Gateway® and a WAF (Web Application Firewall) such as Fortinet FortiWeb® or F5 Advanced WAF®.

The Cost of Network Security & Optimization Solutions

The fact is that most of the time only about 20% of features offered by those solutions are actually used and large businesses still purchase them in the hope to use the remaining 80% features one day. But that day will never come! In addition technologies referred to above, have a very high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) because:

  • You pay the expertise for multiple technologies while a single technology expertise would be enough.
  • You pay the hosting costs for multiple appliances while an integrated appliance can fulfill your requirements.
  • You pay costly ASIC while the latest high-end Intel® CPU will be more powerful at a lower cost.
  • You pay hardware made in China at a high price while you can purchase directly from the manufacturer in China.
  • You pay programs that they integrate in their solution while 99% of them are open source and free.

CacheGuard makes the Difference

To fulfill 100% of your requirements we developed a unique appliance called CacheGuard Gateway. CacheGuard Gateway can replace the 5 appliances that you can see on the above diagram to provide all functions you need in a single box. Below you can see what a CacheGuard Gateway based network infrastructure may look like:

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CacheGuard Alternative

The power of CacheGuard solutions concentrated in a unique network appliance allows you to gain in productivity by reducing the complexity and costs of heterogeneous stacked technologies. Download CacheGuard-OS and install it on the virtual or hardware machine of your choice and get network appliance within minutes.

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