Hosted Web Gateway

CacheGuard Hosted Web Gateway or simply CacheGuard-HG provides you with a dedicated Web Gateway appliance sold as a full service. With CacheGuard-HG you do not need to deal with any installation or network integration. All you need to do is to subscribe and we do the rest to provide you with operational services.

How it Works?

In case where your users connect using a static IP address, CacheGuard-HG can be directly used as a remote Web proxy. In this case your Hosted CacheGuard is configured to allow only connections coming from known IP address. To address the authentication of users having dynamic IP addresses, CacheGuard-HG comes with a VPN IPsec server that authenticates users having a valid client certificate.

Cloud Web Gateway

The Package

CacheGuard-HG is a yearly subscription that include the following services:

  • CacheGuard Web Gateway as a service.
  • Standard or Premium level support as per your requirement,
  • URL blacklists & Extended Antivirus Signatures subscription,
  • Option: a self-care Web application to manage your VPN clients.

How to order CacheGuard Hosted Web Gateway

To purchase CacheGuard Hosted Web Gateway you are invited to ask for a quote. The service delivery could vary from 1 to 3 working days from the date of validation of your order.

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