Appliance Development

At CacheGuard Technologies, we are experts in network appliance development. Have a specific network appliance to develop? Tell us your requirements and get solutions in record time. We propose to develop your custom network appliance based on your functional specifications.

Custom Network Appliance Development

Our core product, CacheGuard-OS, is a highly integrated Linux based Operating System that transforms a machine into a network appliance. Because our developments have been based on a modular methodology, we can reuse our already developed modules to build new custom appliances in record time.

To develop a custom network appliance, we begin by writing detailed technical specifications in accordance with functional specifications that we usually require from the client. Once our technical specifications have been validated by the client, we begin our developments in three phases: 1) First, we adapt our existing modules to the client requirements in order to build a robust OS base for new developments. 2) Then, we eventually add new third parties open sources packages into the OS base and integrate them with existing ones. 3) Finally, we develop new programs to address the client requirements. It is just as simple as that! Why is it so simple for us? Because we are developing network appliances since years. By letting us to develop a new appliance for you, you profit from our extensive know-how and experience in network appliance developments.

Default Appliance Features

All custom network appliances developed by us, include the following features by default:

  • OS installation program,
  • RAID0, RIAD1, RAID5, RAID6 and RAID10 capabilities,
  • OS patching system,
  • CLI (Command Line Interface),
  • Web GUI (Graphical User Interface),
  • Network Security Layer
  • Backup & Restore System

Appliance Development

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