CacheGuard Appliance

CacheGuard Appliance is a bare metal or virtual machine powered by CacheGuard-OS. The result is called CacheGuard-HW (for CacheGuard Hardware) or CacheGuard-VE (for CacheGuard Virtual Edition). To build CacheGuard-HW or CacheGuard-VE, we install CacheGuard-OS on a machine with appropriate resources (CPU, RAM…) and provide you with the resulted ready to plug network appliance.

Please note that while delivering customized virtual appliances are often within our reach, we deliver hardware appliances only as far as possible. This is due to the complexity of laws related to hardware warranty in different countries and the complexity related to the hardware support. That being said, if you need a ready to plug hardware appliance, you do not need to worry! We usually give advice free of charge on the choice of the hardware resources and on parameters to select during CacheGuard-OS installation. Paragraphs below give you more information regarding CacheGuard-HW and CacheGuard-VE. To purchase CacheGuard-HW or CacheGuard-VE please ask for a quote.


CacheGuard-VE (Virtual Edition) is a virtual appliance built according to your requirements. CacheGuard-VE is tested and certified on most well-known visualization systems such as but not limited to VMware and Proxmox.

CacheGuard-VE is offered either as an OVA (Open Virtual Appliance) file to download and import into your visualization system or as a remote Installation service. Our remote installation service is available using TeamViewer.


CacheGuard-HW is a hardware machine powered by CacheGuard-OS and ready to plug to your networks. We designed and developed CacheGuard-OS to support most of the hardware in the market but without guaranteeing to support the latest generation of servers freshly designed by your favorite manufacturer.

By choosing CacheGuard-HW you choose the security to have a certified hardware appliance for your critical needs and gain time and money in designing the hardware machine for your very special needs.

Because you have privileged relationship with your hardware provider or because you may have your preferences in choosing a hardware brand, you can provide us with your bare metal machine on which we can install and certify CacheGuard-OS and ship back to you the ready to plug appliance. According to your location, we can also directly provide you with a hardware appliance based on a well-known brand in the market such as Dell, HP or IBM.

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