CacheGuard Cloud

CacheGuard Cloud allows you to have your own dedicated CacheGuard Proxy as a Service without the hassle of any installation.

CacheGuard in the Cloud

With our cloud offer your CacheGuard will be quickly operational as a Web proxy service in the cloud for users having a static IP address. To address the authentication and security of users having a dynamic IP address our offer comes with a VPN as a Service with which all Web traffic are transparently filtered by your dedicated CacheGuard Proxy and your users are secured regardless of their geographical location. With this service you get a dedicated physical machine in a private cloud, a dedicated CacheGuard VM and a dedicated Selfcare Web GUI to manage your VPN clients.

CacheGuard Screenshot Dashboard

How to order CacheGuard Cloud

Due to hosting companies terms and conditions related to proxy and VPN hosting, we need that you provide us an access to a dedicated host running under a virtualization system such as VMware ESX or Linux KVM (Proxmox for instance) in your private Cloud. That’s all we need that you provide us with our cloud services. We will do the rest for you and provide you with ready to use services in less than 2 working days.

Become a virtual Cloud Web Gateway & VPN provider

Our cloud offer allows you to become a Proxy & VPN provider without having to deal with any complex technologies. There is no need to be a network or security expert to configure CacheGuard and the usage of the VPN service coming with CacheGuard Cloud is really straightforward. How does it work? All you need to do is to create a user by setting its email address and that’s it! Your user will receive all required information to connect to your virtual VPN server.

Need to develop a very specific offer based on a very specific network appliance? Have a look at Network Appliance Development.

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