Download CacheGuard

Download CacheGuard

CacheGuard is distributed as OS to install on a Virtual or Hardware machine of you choice or an OVA file to import into your hypervisor (virtualization system). Here you can download CacheGuard-OS bootable ISO CDROM images and the free version of CacheGuard-VE (Virtual Edition). To get the commercial edition of CacheGuard-VE please ASK For a QUOTE.

Submission Form

In order to initiate your download, please fill out the form below and press the “Submit Request” button. You will promptly receive download instructions by email. This mechanism allows us to protect our systems from DoS attacks. Please note that we are responsible e-mailers and never abuse your email address. In case of reception delay or non-delivery of our emails, please feel free to Contact Us.

Download Contents

Your download will contain everything you need to build your CacheGuard network appliance. Please note that you have the possibility to evaluate our products for a Trial period of 21 days free of charge. After that the trial period is up, you should purchase a subscription to keep your CacheGuard running. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time without any extra charges.

To verify the authenticity of your downloads, we strongly encourage you to use GNU Privacy Guard. You can search for our public key on a public key servers or get it HERE. The key fingerprint is: C8DC 8A5B D894 B676 5226 41B5 DCB1 8A3A FDFE D8F2 and the key ID is: FDFED8F2.

The table below gives the list of available downloads, along with a brief description of each. We always publish the latest stable releases of CacheGuard-OS in 32 bits and the 64 bits version.

ReferenceDescriptionSizeMD5 Fingerprint PGP signature
CG-OS-64CacheGuard-OS bootable ISO CDROM 64 bits Image375 MB452f30b2d7639be5cc6d77496c8a9477
CacheGuard-UF-64-2.0.2.iso .asc
CG-OS-32CacheGuard-OS bootable ISO CDROM 32 bits Image368 MBf0f68396b31bfb0acb120d15090390e1
CacheGuard-UF-2.0.2.iso .asc
VE32-F10-R5CacheGuard-VE 32 bits Free version (for up to 10 users). The login credentials are: admin/admin.799 MBcaaf1247e598d1799888833116096e13
CacheGuard-UF-2.0.2.ova .asc
CG-MIBSNMP agent CacheGuard  ASN.1 MIB:
CacheGuard ASN.1 MIB
20 KB2d71f506f8a2f6039b0fca6fa8aeb607

To acquire CacheGuard-VE (Virtual Edition) for more than 10 users, please Asking for a Quote

Download Patches

To upgrade your CacheGuard appliance to the latest CacheGuard-OS version, you can either apply patches or get the latest CacheGuard-OS version and reinstall your machine from scratch. Please note that we do not always provide patches to upgrade (mainly for major releases). In case where you should re-install your machine, you do not need to worry! Your CacheGuard configuration can be fully saved on a file server and you can reload it into your freshly installed appliance. You can find CacheGuard-OS patches at CacheGuard Patches.

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