CacheGuard Support Services

Support Services

At CacheGuard Technologies, we provide a full range of services to ensure your success with our products and services. CacheGuard Support services range from online documentations, online help, a support portal and email access to our experts.

Need help on how to configure CacheGuard for your particular needs? Post your technical questions on CacheGuard Help and get responses quickly and free of charge. Experience some difficulties to run CacheGuard? Open a ticket on our Support Portal (1) and have a privileged access to our experts.

CacheGuard Support Levels

Because each requirement has its own assistance level, we provide different support levels as described in the following table. CacheGuard Support services are provided under the terms of the Support Services Agreement.

Agreement Term1 Month or 1 Year1 Month or 1 Year1 Month or 1 Year
Software UpdatesMaintenance releasesMaintenance releasesNew releases
CacheGuard Support HoursBusiness Hours(2)Business Hours(1)24/24
Max Response DelayBest EffortNBD (Next Business Day)10 H
CacheGuard Help AccessYesYesYes
CacheGuard Support PortalNoYesYes
Anomaly Handling(3)Fix Cost per Anomaly3 per Year5 per Year
Email ContactNA

(1) The Support Portal is available to Standard & Premium Support levels subscribers only. (2) Our Business hours: Mon – Fri, 9:15 AM – 05:15 PM CET (Central European Time). (3) We can handle additional anomalies at a fix cost per anomaly. Please find more information about our pricing at Purchase CacheGuard.1

CacheGuard Support advantages

Superior product knowledge is key to superior product support. The CacheGuard Support Team receives continuous training updates and have direct access to the CacheGuard Developers in order to provide the best possible problem resolution.

Depending on your needs and the Support Level you choose, we can deliver assistance around the globe within the next business day or within 10 hours, 365 days a year. CacheGuard Support fit your needs, not ours.

Ask Us
Got questions? We’ve got answers. Whether you have a specific technical question about CacheGuard or simply want general information about our products and services, we have the answer. Just post your questions on CacheGuard Help and we will promptly provide you with responses. CacheGuard Help is an integral part of  CacheGuard Support services.

Keep your CacheGuard up to date with the latest CacheGuard-OS version. CacheGuard Support Services enable you to have an access to both the newest CacheGuard-OS upgrades and bug fixes as soon as they are available.

At CacheGuard Technologies, we are committed to consistently providing professional high-quality service and to continually improving the quality of our services to fit your needs. CacheGuard Support services as well as all other CacheGuard products and services meet these commitments.

CacheGuard Training

Implementing CacheGuard is rather straightforward and you can get a basic configuration up and running within minutes even if you are not an expert in the area of network and security engineering. However, we can organize training sessions for your technical staff to move ahead faster with CacheGuard in-depth learning.

CacheGuard Training

Our courses can give your network and security specialists a functional understanding of CacheGuard. We provide two types of courses:

  • One day essential training
  • Two days essential and advanced training

Besides the CacheGuard Support, CacheGuard Training help you to become a CacheGuard expert in record time.

For more information about our training program please Contact US.

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