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Please provide with your name and e-mail address so we can send you instructions to contact us. At CacheGuard Technologies, we are always available to read your messages. Explain us your very specific needs and get answers as quickly as possible. Being available and having time to listen are our core values, so do not hesitate to contact CacheGuard Technologies.

Important notice: please note that we are responsible e-mailers and never abuse your email address. However, some MTA providers block our emails under the pretext that our IP addresses belong to a blacklisted AS. We strongly deplore those practices as we consider them unfair. Hence, in case of reception delay or non-delivery of our emails, we suggest that you use an alternative email address. If the problem persist, feel free to Contact Us.

Technical Questions

Having any difficulties to install and/or configure a CacheGuard appliance? Do not hesitate to post your questions on CacheGuard Help and get answers from our experts. CacheGuard products are provided with full online and offline documentation. Learn more about our documentation at CacheGuard Documentation.

Because at CacheGuard Technologies, we are really into what we do and passionate about the integration and development of network solutions, we take a real pleasure to help our clients to implement CacheGuard products. Write us without moderation!

Contact CacheGuard Support services

If you are already a registered client and purchased a standard or premium plan, you can submit your requests on our Support Portal. Learn more about our support services at Support Services. If using CacheGuard is critical for your business, we highly recommend that you subscribe to a premium or standard plan in order to avoid any latency in resolving your issues. Subscribing to a standard or premium support allows you to contact us on a privileged channel.

Asking a Quote

Purchasing a CacheGuard subscription is straightforward from the Web GUI of an installed appliance and in most cases you don’t need to ask for a quote. However, if you need a formal quote, please feel free to ASK For a QUOTE.

Registered Office

CacheGuard Technologies Ltd
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ United Kingdom

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