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CacheGuard Web Gateway Appliance is nothing more than a Virtual or Bare Metal machine powered by CacheGuard-OS. You can build a CacheGuard Web Gateway by yourself by installing CacheGuard-OS on the machine of your choice or ask us to deliver you a ready to plug virtual or hardware appliance.

CacheGuard Web Gateway Appliance

Because your Enterprise Grade Web Gateway should be designed and tuned with care in order to match all your requirements and without wasting your hardware resources, our experts can help you to design the best appliance for your needs. Ask our technical architects for such a service and we will be happy to assist you in designing your appliance.


Web Gateway: CacheGuard-VECacheGuard-VE (Virtual Edition) is a virtual appliance built according your requirements and our recommended technical specifications for your very special needs and available either as an OVA (Open Virtual Appliance) file to download and import into your visualization infrastructure OR as a remote Installation service. CacheGuard-VE is tested and certified on most well-known visualization systems such as VMware or MS Hyper-V.

Please note that because exporting a VM to an OVA file may take a long time, especially when it comes to build an OVA with HDD larger than 200 GB, the delivery of an OVA may take from a couple of hours to several days. For rapid delivery you can opt for a remote installation service. Our remote installation service is available using TeamViewer.

The following table describes our standard OVA that can be delivered quickly. Our standard OVA are x64 (64 bits) based machines and then run with the x64 version of the CacheGuard-OS.

Ref. License vCPU (*) fUsers rUsers rWeb (**) Logging RAM (***) HDD
VE64-F100-R20 Level 1 4 100 20 16 31 Days 6 GB 200 GB
VE64-F10-R50 Level 2 4 10 50 24 31 Days 6 GB 100 GB
VE64-F10-R100 Level 3 6 10 100 32 31 Days 8 GB 150 GB

(*) The number of vCPU (virtual CPU) can be increased after deployment.
(**) The rWeb number is the number of installed websites
(***) The RAM capacity can be increased after deployment.

To purchase CacheGuard-VE or CacheGuard-HW please ASK For a QUOTE and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Web Gateway: CacheGuard-HWCacheGuard-HW is a hardware appliance powered by CacheGuard-OS and ready to plug into your networks. We designed and developed CacheGuard-OS to support major hardware in the market but without guaranteeing to support the latest generation of servers freshly designed by your favorite manufacturer.

By choosing CacheGuard-HW you choose the security to have a certified hardware appliance for your critical needs and gain time and money in designing the best hardware machine for your very special needs.

Because you have privileged relations with your hardware wholesaler or distributor or because you may have your preferences in choosing a hardware brand, you can provide us with your bare metal machine on which we can install and certify CacheGuard-OS and ship the resultant appliance back to you. Expose your requirements to our experts and we will be happy to design your tailored hardware appliance in terms of hardware resources. We can also directly provide you with a hardware appliance based on a well-known brand in the market such as Dell, HP or IBM.

In any case, you just need to expose us your preferences while asking for a quote and we will be happy to provide you with the best solution that fits your requirements. Please note that depending on your country, importing goods from UK may induce to pay customs duties that remain at your charge.

Web Gateway made by yourself

You can install CacheGuard-OS by yourself on the machine of your choice. The first step to build you Web gateway is to choose a Virtual or Hardware machine with adequate resources to support your needs. Please read our User’s Guide to size the best machine that matches your needs.

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