Purchase CacheGuard is as simple as downloading, registering and subscribing within record time.

Purchase CacheGuard

Here you can find useful information on how to purchase CacheGuard Products and Services. CacheGuard Web Gateway is offered as a monthly or yearly subscription service. We also provide virtual or hardware appliances as an option. The subscription rate mainly depends on the number of connected users and the required support level. Subscription prices start from 9.99 USD per month for up to 100 users in forwarding mode (to protect Web users) and/or 20 simultaneous users in reverse mode (to protect Web applications).

When you purchase CacheGuard Web Gateway, you get for the Same Price a Firewall, a Gateway Antivirus, a URL Guard, a Forwarding & Reverse Web Proxy, a WAF Gateway, a Traffic Shaper, The Web Cache and all other CacheGuard Features that come with CacheGuard-OS.

To quickly purchase CacheGuard please follow the following three-step processes. Purchase CacheGuard Step 1)  Download CacheGuard-OS and install it on the machine of your choice (virtual or hardware) or purchase and download CacheGuard-VE (or purchase CacheGuard-HW). Thereafter, you can purchase a subscription from your installed CacheGuard.CacheGuard Purchase Process

Purchase CacheGuard Step 2) Register you CacheGuard to get a S/N (Serial Number) that uniquely identifies your appliance. The registration is done using the Web GUI of your installed appliance. To register, please go to the menu item [GENERAL] > [Main Settings] > [Registration & Subscription]  (or click on the blinking “Register & Subscribe” icon in the mini menu bar at the top of the Web GUI window) and follow given instructions. At this step you will need an OTP (One Time Password) that you can request by clicking on the Get a One Time Password link (in front of the “OTP” field).

Purchase CacheGuard

Purchase CacheGuard Step 3) Subscribe to a subscription plan using your CacheGuard Web GUI.  Once your CacheGuard appliance is registered, the [Registration & Subscription] page looks like the screenshot above. Follow the Manage Subscription link (in front of the “License Key” field) to either 1) Purchase a new subscription or 2) Request the validation of your already paid subscription (with and invoice reference) or 3) Submit your activation code (if you got any). Upon receipt of your payment or validation/activation request, you will receive all required information by email to complete your subscription.

Purchase CacheGuard-VE/CacheGuard-HW

CacheGuard-VE and CacheGuard-HW stand respectively for CacheGuard Virtual Edition and CacheGuard Hardware. To purchase CacheGuard-VE or CacheGuard-HW please ASK For a QUOTE to get our prices. You can find more information about CacheGuard-VE and CacheGuard-HW at CacheGuard Appliance Web Gateway.

Prior to Purchase CacheGuard

Purchase Punctual Anomaly Handling

Please note that if you have gone over the number of anomaly submission limit included in your subscription plan (which is extremely rare) you can purchase CacheGuard punctual anomalies handling. The price for a punctual anomaly handling is set at 199.00 USD.

CacheGuard Pricing Key Factors

Here you will find some key factors for the pricing that you should be aware prior to purchase CacheGuard.

Number of users: concurrent, simultaneous, named or unnamed...
In relation to the pricing, users are unnamed so the number of users can be assimilated to the number of connected computers. Also we distinguish concurrent users from simultaneous users. Concurrent users may be passive while simultaneous users are all active (generate traffic). Therefore, when you purchase CacheGuard you are invited to select the right number of users for your need in order to get the best possible price.
The forwarding mode: web mode, capacity, implementation...
To implement CacheGuard Web Gateway in forwarding mode (to protect Web users) the most important factor is the total number of users. A capacity manager, integrated into CacheGuard-OS, tunes the Web Gateway during the installation for a given number of users by assuming that all users are not active at the same time but only 20% of them. With CacheGuard-OS, the forwarding mode is called the web mode. Therefore, when you purchase CacheGuard in web mode please consider the total number of users to manage in order to get the best possible price.
The reverse mode: rweb mode, capacity, implementation...
To implement CacheGuard Web Gateway in reverse mode (to protect Web applications) what counts is the total number of simultaneous users (or Web connections). With CacheGuard-OS, the reverse mode is called the rweb mode. Please note that both web and rweb modes can be activated on the same machine at the same time. Therefore, when you purchase CacheGuard in rweb mode please consider the number of simultaneous users to manage in order to get the best possible price.
URL Blacklists service: subscription, basis...
Our URL blacklists are available as an optional subscription service related to a single CacheGuard Web Gateway identified by its unique S/N. A URL Blacklists subscription allows one download per day, per blacklist category and per public IP address. Please note that our URL Blacklists service works upon an honor system and all abuses will be dropped.
Support levels: technical help, support portal...
Our Support Services are dedicated to helping you get the most from your CacheGuard Web Gateway. Depending on your requirements, we can provide 3 support levels that you can select during your subscription. Our support levels are as follows: the basic level via our CacheGuard Help only, the standard and premium support contracts via our support portal.

How to Pay


You can purchase a subscription through PayPal Subscription or through Money Transfer or through PayPal Payment. In case where you choose to subscribe through PayPal Subscription, your PayPal account is charged when you validate your subscription and every month or year at the anniversary date of your subscription. Choosing PayPal Subscription allows you to have your subscription rapidly activated.

In case where you choose to subscribe through Money Transfer or PayPal Payment, you will receive an invoice and your subscription is then activated or renewed manually by our services after having received your payment. Please note that payments by Money Transfer or PayPal Payment can only be processed for yearly subscriptions.

CacheGuard Free Edition

CacheGuard-OS is free of charge for up to 10 users in forwarding mode (to protect Web users) and/or 5 simultaneous users in reverse mode (to protect Web applications). The free edition includes all features available in the commercial edition. To use the free edition you can make a donation through PayPal, we appreciate all donations regardless of the amount donated.

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