Threats on the Web are Real and Ongoing. Don't wait until it's too late to protect yourself!

Need to Secure and Optimize the Web traffic right away and not just at the IP level? If so, you are at the right place. CacheGuard is an easy to handle Web Gateway Appliance that can be built in a few minutes and quickly implemented even if you are NOT AN EXPERT. CacheGuard is FREE for up to 5 end-users.

OS Appliance Approach

CacheGuard-OS is an Appliance oriented Operating System. Install CacheGuard-OS on the Hardware or Virtual Machine of your choice and transform your machine into a powerful AND easy to handle Web Gateway Appliance in a few minutes.

Web Gateway Appliance

CacheGuard is a Web Gateway Appliance dedicated to Web traffic Security and Optimization. Once implemented in your networks, CacheGuard transparently intercepts the Web traffic and delivers secure and optimized contents to end-users as well as to Web Applications.

Support, Forum & Documentation

CacheGuard Support Services are dedicated to helping you get the most from your CacheGuard Web Gateway Appliance while improving your ROI, reducing your administration hassles and ensuring the reliability of your Web infrastructure.

Web Security by CacheGuard

CacheGuard operates at the IP level as well as at the content level. As a basic firewall it stops attacks such as SynFlood, Smurf and XMas. As a Web Security Gateway it stops malware, unwanted URLs and malicious Web requests on your Web Applications. Furthermore, the antivirus can be used as a service by an MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) to block malware, phishing attempts or any other threats that invite receiver to browse unsafe websites. The Web GUI screenshot below shows blocked traffic counters.

Web Security - CacheGuard Counters ScreenshotFive reasons to choose CacheGuard

Why choose CacheGuard when there are other web gateways to choose from? Most other companies sell their products separately, one for a firewall, One for an antivirus, one for caching, one for optimizing bandwidth… you get the picture. With CacheGuard, all of these products, and more, are included in one product.

1-CacheGuard is Friendly: benefit from sophisticated well-known Open Source technologies without the hassle and complexity of integration. Implement your Web Gateway in a few minutes even if you are not an expert and start protecting yourself.

2-CacheGuard is Trustworthy: because our solutions are based on well-known Open Source technologies, you take advantage of source code transparency and reduce the risk of trusting closed technologies.

3-CacheGuard is Functional: our solutions are wired to manage both Security AND Optimization for Web traffic in a unique functional box. Implementing our solutions in your network is transparent for end-users and Web applications.

4-CacheGuard is Adaptable: because our core product is an OS (Operating System), it can run on a VM (Virtual Machine) ans well as on a bare metal machine. CacheGuard supports almost all x86/x64 based hardware and virtualization solutions on the market.

5-CacheGuard is a Service: our solutions are offered as services. Subscribe to one of our monthly or yearly plans and see the difference for yourself. You have the possibility to cancel your subscription at any time.