URL Blacklists Filtering Service

To configure the URL filtering (URL guarding) you can build your own customized lists of URLs and/or subscribe to our URL blacklists service for profiting from maintained and high quality lists of URLs classified by category.

Our Service

URL BlacklistsOur URL blacklists are available as a download subscription service for a period of one month or one year. This service is proposed as an option attached to a unique CacheGuard subscription plan.

The URL filtering feature allows you to restrict Web usage by filtering unwanted URLs in your organization. This feature is based on blacklists (denied) or white lists (authorized) of domains and URLs. This way you can give access only to authorized websites enumerated in your white lists or deny contents enumerated in your blacklists.

Our URL blacklists service is available for subscribed customers at ftp://ftp.cacheguard.net. Please note that this is a paying service. To purchase this service please go to Purchase CacheGuard.

Our URL Blacklists Categories

We provide commercial blacklists to manage your URL guarding policy. Our lists contain thousands of Web site names and URLs. Our blacklists have jumped to over 1.7 million entries and are classified as follows:

Category Description
Advert Sites about advertising: this includes sites offering banners and banner creation as well as sites delivering banners to be shown in webpages. Advertising companies are listed too.
Aggressive Obvious aggressive content: this covers hate speech and all kinds of racism.
Alcohol Sites about breweries, wineries and distilleries: this category also covers sites that explain how to make beer, wines and spirits.
AnonymousVPN Sites providing VPN services to the public: the focus is on vpn sites used to hide the origin of the traffic like tor nodes. The category does not include company VPN accesses.
AutomobileBikes Sites about motorcycles. Included are vendor sites, resellers, fan and hobby pages as well as suppliers. Scooters included.
AutomobileBoats Sites about motorboats: included are vendor sites, resellers, fan and hobby pages as well as suppliers. Not included are travel tips (this can be found in “recreationTravel”).
AutomobileCars Sites about cars: included are automobile companies and automotive suppliers.
AutomobilePlanes Sites about planes ranging from small one and two seaters up to the large traffic planes, old and new, private, commercial and military: vendors and suppliers are included (airports are not). Helicopter sites are included.
Chat Sites for real time chatting and instant messaging: everything that is not real time is included in “forum”.
CostTraps Sites that lure with free of charge services but then give you a costly subscription (written somewhere in tiny letters nearly unreadable).
Dating Sites to contact people for love and life together. men seeking women, women seeking men, and so on.
Downloads Sites covering mostly filesharing, p2p and torrent sites: other download sites (for software, wallpapers, ..) are included as well.
Drugs Sites offering drugs or explain how to make drugs (legal and non legal): covers tobacco as well as viagra and similar substances.
Dynamic Sites where people log in to obtain a dynamic IP address: dynamic sites can be harmless as well as carry redirecting proxies to bypass the webfilter on porn, games or anything else that may be inappropriate.
EducationSchools URL white lists of home pages of schools, colleges and universities.
FinanceBanking home page of banking companies are listed here: this is not restricted to online banking.
FinanceInsurance Sites of insurance companies, information about insurances and links concerning this subject.
FinanceMoneyLending Sites one can apply for loans and mortgages or can obtain information about this business.
FinanceRealEstate Sites about all types of real estate, buying and selling homes, finding apartments for rent and selling.
FinanceTrading Sites about the stock exchange market, trading of stocks and stock options as well as sites related to this subject.
FinanceOther financial pages that do not fit into the financial categories above.
FortuneTelling Sites about astrology, horoscopes, numerology, palm reading and so on. Sites that offer services to for tell the future.
Forum discussion sites. Covers explicit forum sites and some blogs: Sites where people can discuss and share information in a non-interactive/realtime way. Realtime discussions are covered with “chat”.
Gamble Sites offering the possibility to win money: poker, casino, bingo and other chance games as well as betting sites. Differs from “hobbyGames” in the aspect of winning or losing money or being lured to do so.
Government Sites belonging to the government of a country, county or city.
Hacking Sites with information and discussions about security weaknesses and how to exploit them: sites offering exploits are listed as well as sites distributing programs that help to find security leaks.
HobbyCooking Sites concerning food and food preparation.
HobbyGamesMisc Sites related to games: this includes descriptions, news and general information about games. No gambling sites.
HobbyGamesOnline Sites about online games (all kinds of browser based games): the games are for fun only (no gambling).
HobbyGardening Sites about gardening, growing plants, fighting bugs and everything else related to gardening.
HobbyPets Sites about all topics concerning pets: description, raising, food, looks, fairs, favorite pet stories and so on.
HomeStyle Sites about everything required to create a cozy home (interior design and accessories).
Hospitals URL blacklists sites of hospitals and medical facilities.
ImageHosting Sites specialized on hosting images, photo galleries and so on.
ISP home pages of Internet Service Providers: sites of companies offering webspace only are now being added too.
JobSearch portals for job offers and job seekers as well as the career and work-for-us pages of companies.
Library online libraries and sites where you can obtain and/or read e-books: book shops are not listed here but under shopping.
Military Sites of military facilities or related to the armed forces.
Models model agencies, models and supermodel fan pages and other model sites presenting model photos: does not includeporn pictures.
Movies Sites offering cinema programs, information about movies and actors: sites for downloading video clips/movies (as long as it is legal) are included as well.
MSOffice365 White list of Microsoft Office 365 related sites. To use if you need to allow MS Office 365 related services only.
Music URL blacklists: sites that offer the download of music, information about music groups or music in general.
News Sites presenting news: homepages from newspapers, magazines and journals as well as some blogs.
Podcasts Sites offering podcasts or podcast services.
Politics URL blacklists sites of political parties, political organizations and associations (sites with political discussions).
Porn Sites about all kinds of sexual content ranging from naked photos to hardcore porn and S and M.
RadioTV Sites of TV and radio stations, regardless whether they offer any programs on the site or just displaying a static page.
RecreationHumor humorous pages, comic strips, funny stories, everything that makes people laugh.
RecreationMartialArts Sites dedicated to martial arts such karate, kung fu, tae kwon do as well as fighting sports sites like UFC: All sites listed in this category are also part of sports: this category is meant for users who wish to allow sports but not “aggressive” kinds of sports.
RecreationRestaurants Sites of restaurants as well as restaurant descriptions and commentaries.
RecreationSports Sites about sports: sports teams, sport discussions as well as information about sports players and the various sports themselves.
RecreationTravel Sites with information about foreign countries, travel companies, travel fares, accommodations and everything else that has to do with travel.
RecreationWellness Sites about treatments for feeling internally and externally healthy and beautiful again.
Redirector site that actively help to bypass URL filters by accepting URLs via Web form and play a proxy and redirecting role.
Religion Sites with religious content including all kind of churches, sects, religious interpretations and so on.
RemoteControl Sites offering the service to remotely access computers, especially (but not limited to going) through firewalls: this includes using a third party computer. Traditional VPN is not covered.
RingTones Sites that offer the download of ring tones or other information about ring tones.
ScienceAstronomy Sites of institutions as well as of amateurs about all topics of astronomy.
ScienceChemistry Sites of institutions as well as of amateurs about all topics of chemistry.
SearchEngines Sites about collection of search engines and directory sites.
SexEducation Sites explaining the biological functions of the body concerning sexuality as well as sexual health: this category does not cover porn.
SexLingerie URL blacklists sites selling and presenting sexy lingerie.
Shopping Sites offering online shopping and price comparisons.
SocialNet URL blacklists sites bringing people together (social networking) be it for friendship or for business.
SpyWare Sites that try to actively install software (or lure the user in doing so) in order to spy on the surfing behavior (or worse): the home calling sites where the collected information is sent are listed, too.
Tracker Sites that track where you surf and what you do passively: covers web bugs, counters and other tracking mechanisms in web pages that do not interfere with the local computer yet collect information about the surfing person for later analysis. Sites actively spying out the surfer by installing software or calling home sites are not covered with tracker but with “spyware”.
UpdateSites URL white lists of ind of white list allowing necessary downloads from vendors. This is in addition to the “downloads” category.
URLShortener Sites that can be used to shorten long URLs: the original (long) URL will be accessed after the the short URL has been requested from the shortener. This distinguishes this category from redirector where the original URL is never accessed directly.
Violence Sites about killing and harming people: covers anything from brutality to beastiality.
Warez Sites offering programs to break license keys, license keys themselves, cracked software and other copyrighted material.
Weapons Sites offering all kinds of weapons or accessories for weapons, firearms, knives, swords, bows, etc:  armory shops are included as well as sites holding general information about arms (manufacturing, usage).
WebMail Sites that offer web-based email services.
WebPhone Sites that enable users to phone via Internet/WWW: any site where users can voice chat with each other (normal chat sites, where users type their messages are part of “chat”).
WebRadio Sites that allow users to listen to music and radio streams.
WebTV Sites offering TV streams via the WWW.