Purchase CacheGuard

This page gives practical information on how to purchase CacheGuard for more than 5 users. Purchase CacheGuard: reduce your TCO CacheGuard is available as a subscription-based service and prices start from 9.99 USD per month for up to 100 end-users in forwarding mode and/or 20 simultaneous end-users in reverse mode (to protect your Web applications).

To purchase CacheGuard you should first download CacheGuard-OS and install it on the machine of your choice in trial mode to get a Web Gateway appliance. Thereafter, if CacheGuard fulfill your requirements, you should purchase a licence to continue to use it. Instructions will then be available from the Web GUI of your installed appliance.

When your purchase a subscription you get the URL Filtering, the Gateway Antivirus, the Web Proxy, the Reverse Proxy, the Traffic Shaping, the WAF Gateway and all other features included in CacheGuard OS.

To ensure your success with CacheGuard OS we highly recommend to purchase a support contract which is included in standard and premium plans. Visit the support page for further information.

Purchase CacheGuard VE (Virtual Edition)

The VE is a pre-built virtual machine installed for a given number of users and distributed as an OVA file to import to your virtualization system. If you prefer that we build your virtual appliance for you instead of building it yourself please ASK For a QUOTE to get our prices.

CacheGuard Pricing

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Notice: If you have gone over the number of anomaly submission limit included in your support contract you can purchase a punctual anomaly handling. The price for a punctual anomaly handling is set at 199.00 USD.

Find below some explanations regarding factors used for the licensing:

Number of users: concurrent, simultaneous, named or unnamed…

To the licencing, users are unnamed so the number of users can be assimilated to the number of connected computers. Also we distinguish concurrent users from simultaneous users. Concurrent users may be passive while simultaneous users are all active (generate traffic). To the licensing what counts is the number of simultaneous users. A standard license key allows you to run all available Security and Optimization modules on a unique machine. When you purchase CacheGuard OS you can either us it in forwarding mode or in reverse mode or in both modes at the same time.

The forwarding mode: web mode, capacity, implementation…

To implement CacheGuard OS in forwarding mode (to protect Web surfers) the most important factor is the total number of users. A capacity manager, integrated into the OS, tunes the appliance during the installation for a given number of users. The capacity manager takes into consideration that all users are not connected at the same time but at intermittent times. As a rule of thumb CacheGuard OS uses the ratio of 20% to define the number of simultaneous users. For instance a 100 user license allows you to protect 100 unnamed users, thus the appliance is tuned to run for 20 simultaneous users. Of course a burst of 100 connections will be supported as well for short period of time. In CacheGuard OS, the forwarding mode is called the “web” mode.

The reverse mode: rweb mode, capacity, implementation…

To implement CacheGuard OS in reverse mode (to protect Web servers) you should consider the number of simultaneous users (or Web connections) rather than the total number of users. The price for the reverse mode is the same as the forward mode. In CacheGuard OS, the reverse mode is called the “rweb” mode.

Blacklists service: subscription, basis…

Our blacklists are available as a download subscription service for a period of one year. The pricing is based on the number of users and is an independent subscription. The independent subscription is related to a unique public IP address and allows one download per day for each Blacklist category. Please note that our services work upon an honor system and all abuses will be dropped. By buying our Blacklists service you accept our sales conditions.

Support contract: subscription basis…

Our Support Service delivers a full range of services to ensure your success with CacheGuard OS. The Support Service is dedicated to helping you get the most from your CacheGuard OS. Choose the right contract (standard or premium) according to your needs. Please note that our support service is sold on an annual basis.

How to Pay


You can purchase through PayPal or Money Transfer using the Web GUI of your installed CacheGuard Appliance. For any other orders please ASK For a QUOTE and a sales manager will contact you soon with further instructions.

CacheGuard Free Edition

CacheGuard OS is free of charge for up to 5 users in forwarding mode (to protect Web surfers) and/or 3 simultaneous users in reverse implementation (to protect Web applications). Please note that the free version includes all features available in a commercial version. To use the free edition you can make a donation through PayPal, we appreciate all donations regardless of the amount donated.