You can purchase a standalone subscription using the Web GUI of your installed CacheGuard Appliance. Our prices are publicly available at Get Prices and you can get valuable information about our pricing system at Purchase CacheGuard. For any other orders, please read the section When to Ask for a Quote below before asking for a CacheGuard Quote.

CacheGuard Quote

Please fill out the form below and ACCEPT the CacheGuard-OS License Agreement, the CacheGuard Support Agreement and the General Terms of Sale by checking the YES box to ask for a quote. Following reception of your request, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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When to Ask for a CacheGuard Quote

CacheGuard Quote RequestPurchasing a CacheGuard subscription is rather straightforward using the CacheGuard Web GUI and in most cases you don’t need to ask for a quote. However you have the possibility to ask for an official quote in the following cases:

  • Your line manager requires a quote to finish the purchase process.
  • You want to buy more than a standalone subscription (with or without the High Availability option).
  • You have special requirements such as VM/HW integration or any other services related to CacheGuard Web Gateway.

We provide great solutions with unbeatable prices but if you are a non profit organization or if you aim to purchase an HA bundle of two or more subscriptions, you can negotiate our prices. ASK For a QUOTE.