Build a Web Gateway in 15 minutes

Stop Threats at the Web Gateway

Install CacheGuard OS on the virtual or hardware machine of your choice to get your Web Gateway Appliance. CacheGuard protects Web users and/or Web applications while optimizing Web traffic at the same time.

CacheGuard OS

CacheGuard OS is an Appliance oriented Operating System dedicated to Web traffic Security and Optimization. CacheGuard OS is free for up to 100 end-users.

Web Gateway

Install CacheGuard OS on the hardware or virtual machine of your choice and transform your machine into a powerful Web Gateway Appliance in 15 minutes.


CacheGuard Support Services deliver a full range of services to ensure your success with CacheGuard OS, CacheGuard HW and CacheGuard VE.


CacheGuard OS is provided with full online and offline documentation. The Users Guide and the Command Line Manual are available in HTML.

Free for up to 100 end-users with attractive declining prices depending on the number of end-users


CacheGuard Web Gateway is designed and developed by CacheGuard Technologies Ltd.
We enable our clients to be technology leaders

CacheGuard is designed and developed by CacheGuard Technologies Ltd. Our solutions are designed and developed by engineers with extensive know-how in system, network and security engineering. Vast experience with proprietary network appliances combined with a perfect control of Open Source technologies allow us to provide the best solutions perfectly matching the needs of our customers.

CacheGuard Technologies Ltd enables its clients to be technological leaders by providing reliable and innovative solutions for the Internet economy. Its cutting-edge engineering processes consistently deliver more value at lower cost. The small size but smart organization of the company allows it to be competitive and provide flexible solutions.

  • Network Security

    Gateway, Firewall, Proxy, reverse Proxy, SSL Offloading, Logging, Web Authentication

  • Content Filtering

    Antivirus, URL Guarding, URL Blacklists, Web Application Firewall

  • Traffic Optimization

    Caching, Compression, Traffic Shaping, Load Balancing,

  • OS Appliance approach

    Virtual & Hardware Solutions, Highly Available, Monitored

Products and Services

We are focused on delivering Secure and Optimized Web Traffic to our customers. Our core product CacheGuard-OS provides all you need to help ensure your success with the Web economy. We also provide a full range of satellite products and services in order to guarantee your success with CacheGuard-OS.
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CacheGuard OS

Our Core product
CacheGuard OS turns a Virtual or Hardware machine into a powerful Web Gateway Appliance. Install CacheGuard OS on your machine and get a Web Gateway Appliance.
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CacheGuard VE

Custom OVA file VM
CacheGuard VE (Virtual Edition) is a pre built VM especially tailored for your particular requirements and ready to import to your virtualization system.
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CacheGuard HW

Custom Hardware Machine
CacheGuard HW (HardWare) is a Hardware Machine of your choice powered by CacheGuard OS and especially tailored for your particular requirements.
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URL Blacklists

List of categorized URLs
We provide high quality and maintained blacklists to allow you to easily manage your URL Guarding policy.
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Support Services

To fully ensure your success with CacheGuard OS
CacheGuard Support Services are dedicated to helping you get the most from your CacheGuard products.
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CacheGuard Training

For a rapid start with CacheGuard OS
We provide training sessions for your technical staff at your convenience in order to quickly get started with CacheGuard OS.

Five reasons to choose CacheGuard

Why choose CacheGuard when there are other web gateways to choose from? Most other companies sell their products separately, one for a firewall, one for an antivirus, one for caching, one for optimizing bandwidth… you get the picture. With CacheGuard, all of these products, and more, are included in one product.

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