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The well-known saying “time is money” may be old fashioned, but in business it remains as true as ever. Without Web filtering (or URL filtering), your Internet access can be used for activities not related to your business. In addition, as a business owner you are responsible of your employees online activity and certainly do not want to accept the consequences of hazardous Web browsing. CacheGuard UTM & QoS embeds a URL Filtering (Guarding) facility to block unwanted Web accesses.

URL Filtering
CacheGuard Filtering

URL Filtering (Guarding)

With CacheGuard you can restrict the Web usage to websites that are actually useful in your organization, and thus increasing the productivity of your employees. In addition, you keep your organization safe by preventing the access to malicious contents such as cost trap websites and spyware. To guard against unwanted URLs, CacheGuard URL Filtering uses URL blacklists, URL white lists, URL regular expressions, guarding filters, guarding policies and guarding rules.

Because each organization is unique and may not have the same needs in terms of URL Guarding, CacheGuard URL Filtering allows you to design your own URL Guarding policies according to the access time, the source IP and belonging to an LDAP/AD group. This way you can for instance allow your servers to access update websites only while you give human users an access to any kind of Web contents except porn, gambling and spyware websites during business hours. You can also organize users by interest groups on your LDAP/AD directory and define distinct URL access policy for each group.

URL Access Policies & URL Blacklists

You can build your own customized URL blacklists for your URL access policies and/or subscribe to our URL blacklists service to take advantages of our maintained and high quality lists of URLs classified by categories. When you subscribe to CacheGuard, our URL blacklists are proposed as an optional service to CacheGuard URL filtering. You can find more information about our URL Blacklists service at URL Blacklists.

In addition to URL Filtering, CacheGuard UTM & QoS comes with a Firewall, a VPN server, a Web Proxy, a Gateway Antivirus, a Reverse Proxy, a WAF, a Traffic Shaper, a Web Cache, a Web Compressor, an SSL Mediator/Inspector and much more.

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