CacheGuard Documentation

The CacheGuard Documentation helps ensure that you quickly configure CacheGuard Web Gateway ready Proxy. CacheGuard Web Gateway can be configured using a CLI (Command Line Interface) or a Web GUI (Graphical User Interface).

CacheGuard Documentation

CacheGuard Documentation - Ready ProxyEven if CacheGuard Web Gateway is a ready Proxy, Firewall, WAF, Antivirus… It requires some minimalist settings in order to be implemented in your networks. That’s why it is  provided with full online and offline documentation and includes a User’s Guide and a Command Line Manual. You can find the CacheGuard Documentation on the installation CDROM, via CacheGuard administration interfaces (Console, SSH and HTTPS) or via the Internet.

User’s Guide
The CacheGuard Documentation comes with a User’s Guide that gives an overview of all CacheGuard functionalities and explains how to configure and administrate CacheGuard Web Gateway. Its getting started section helps you to choose the appropriate machine to install CacheGuard-OS on for your particular needs, while other sections help you to configure various CacheGuard Functions. The User’s Guide allows a first approach to CacheGuard Web Gateway.

Command Line Manual
CacheGuard Web Gateway comes with a set of clear and simple online commands available through a textual terminal interface. The CacheGuard Documentation includes a Command Line Manual that gives the syntax and semantic of all commands, keywords, options and parameters. Please note that as soon as you set the IP address of a CacheGuard Web Gateway using the CLI you can continue to configure it using the Web GUI at https://<cacheguard-ip>:8090.

Online HTML CacheGuard Documentation

The online documentation in HTML format is very useful if you need to quickly get help on specific topics or particular commands. You can find our online documentation in HTML format below:

The complete CacheGuard-OS User’s Guide HTML User’s Guide
The manual for all CacheGuard-OS Online commands HTML Command Line Manual
The complete CacheGuard-OS License CacheGuard-OS License

PDF CacheGuard Documentation

The documentation in PDF format is very useful if you need to search for a keyword in the documentation. You can find our documentation in PDF format below:

The complete CacheGuard-OS User’s Guide PDF User’s Guide
The manual for all CacheGuard-OS Online commands PDF Command Line Manual
The CacheGuard Appliance Quick Start PDF Appliance Quick Start

PDF Datasheets

Besides the CacheGuard Documentation some datasheets are also available in English and French. These documents briefly present all CacheGuard Functions and technical specifications. Feel free to download these documents and share them with people who may be interested in CacheGuard solutions.

CacheGuard Datasheet in English CacheGuard-Datasheet-English.pdf
CacheGuard Datasheet in French CacheGuard-Datasheet-French.pdf

Offline Help

Our documentation is also available offline via the CacheGuard Web GUI and you can always get help using the command help via the CLI.

Support Agreement

Below you can find our support agreement in PDF format. You should accept the terms and conditions of our support agreement before subscribing for the support.

Our support services agreement document CacheGuard Support Services Agreement
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