SSL Inspection for HTTPS

CacheGuard UTM & QoS embeds an SSL inspection facility using SSL break technologies.

CacheGuard SSL Inspection (Mediation)

If you accidentally stumble upon an encrypted website on the darknet or you visit such a website out of curiosity, you expose yourself to severe threats. Because traditional antivirus can’t detect SSL encrypted malware, a virus or any other dangerous content can slip through your traditional antivirus, reach your local computers and then begin to harm.

SSL Mediation
CacheGuard SSL Mediator

Placing an SSL mediator at the gateway allows you to increase the security of your Web traffic by doing an SSL break (decryption/inspection/ re-encryption) of the Web content before delivering it to users. In this way, malware can be detected and blocked at the gateway even in an encrypted format an even before entering into your networks. The SSL inspection drastically increase your security!

The CacheGuard SSL inspection feature can be used to various ends. CacheGuard can not only block dangerous Web contents at the gateway but in can also optimize your Web traffic by caching the HTTPS content. In this way, the content of popular but intensive bandwidth-consuming websites such as YouTube and FaceBook can be cached, and hence you can save your bandwidth usage in your organization.

Integrated mini PKI
CacheGuard UTM & QoS uses a CA certificate that should be imported to Web browsers to make the SSL mediation work. To deal with CA certificates, CacheGuard embeds a mini PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) that allows you to generate and/or load your private keys and associated CA certificates into your CacheGuard. This makes it very easy to deploy the SSL inspection in your organization.

 Powered by OpenSSL

The SSL inspection feature integrated into CacheGuard UTM & QoS is based on a stable version of OpenSSL library to manage HTTPS and other SSL/TLS based traffic. The SSL options and ciphers are adequately chosen in CacheGuard to provide the highest security level for HTTPS traffic, thereby allowing you to concentrate on your core activities and do not worry about SSL weaknesses.

You can learn more about the SSL Mediation in the CacheGuard User’s Guide.

CacheGuard is not just an SSL Mediator but it is a Firewall, a VPN server, a Gateway Antivirus, a Web Proxy, a URL Guard, a Reverse Proxy, a WAF, a Web Cache, a Web Compressor, a Traffic Shaper and much more.

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