Download CacheGuard Appliance

Here you can find the ISO CDROM image of CacheGuard OS NG (New Generation) and an OVA file that contains a Virtual Machine pre-configured for 5 end-users (the free edition). Download CacheGuard OS and install it on a bare metal or virtual machine. The OVA file is intended to be imported into a virtualization system such as VMware, MS Hyper-V or Oracle VirtualBox.

Request Download

In order to initiate your download, please fill out this form and press the “Submit Request” button. You will receive download instructions by Email (the Email will contain a link to click on to download CacheGuard). This mechanism allows us to protect our systems from DoS attacks.

Please note that we are responsible Emailers and don’t abuse your Email address. Also, some Email providers consider our Emails as junk or simply block it without any evident reason. In case of reception delay or non-delivery of our Email, please use alternative Email addresses.

Download CacheGuard

Download CacheGuardDownload your Free or 15-day Trial version (for more than 5 end-users) and begin to secure and optimize your Web traffic starting today. Please note that the free version allows you to benefit from  CacheGuard OS for up to 5 end-users (or 3 simultaneous users in reverse mode).

To verify the authenticity of your downloads, we strongly encourage you to use GNU Privacy Guard. You can search for our public key on a public key server or get it HERE. The key fingerprint is: C8DC 8A5B D894 B676 5226 41B5 DCB1 8A3A FDFE D8F2 and the key ID is: FDFED8F2.

CacheGuard OS & VM

To download CacheGuard click on the download link of your choice. We provide CacheGuard OS for 32/64 bits machines. An OVA (Open Virtual Appliance) prepackaged for 5 end-users is also available.

Description Software Link MD5 Fingerprint PGP signature
CacheGuard-OS NG bootable ISO CDROM 64 bits Image
Getting Started
ISO bootable x64 (188 MB) d75d7616ebd914fa99a95ab21dc59259
OS/CacheGuard-NG-64-1.2.6.iso .asc
CacheGuard-OS NG bootable ISO CDROM 32 bits Image
Getting Started
ISO bootable x86 (259 MB) 081a944c7b4f44a219dfcdd355d645f8
OS/CacheGuard-NG-1.2.6.iso .asc
CacheGuard NG 32 bits VM built for 5 end-users, [Credential admin/admin]
Getting Started
OVA 5 end-users (390 MB) d3dcf094110cd0ecfc35da4d0b26713f
CacheGuard-NG-1.2.6.ova .asc

OS Patches

To upgrade your already installed version of CacheGuard OS you can either download CacheGuard’s latest version and reinstall it on your machine or apply a patch. Please note that there isn’t a patch for all versions as some evolutions require an installation from scratch. Before reinstalling CacheGuard OS, save your configuration first in order to reload it into to your freshly installed version. For upgradeable versions you can find patches on CacheGuard Network at: www.cacheguard.net/cacheguard-patch.html.

Other Downloads

Description Download link MD5 Fingerprint
PGP signature
CacheGuard OS New Generation ASN.1 MIB description of the SNMP agent CacheGuard ASN.1 MIB 2d71f506f8a2f6039b0fca6fa8aeb607
Open Source modified Source Code CacheGuard GPL Patch 740221019a5a46d583d4f4585e5bcab8