CacheGuard Web Gateway appliance embeds a gateway antivirus.

CacheGuard-AVGateway Antivirus for the Web traffic

CacheGuard gateway antivirus scans the Web traffic at the gateway and instantly eradicates suspicious objects even before they can enter into your network. Traditional antivirus operate locally on each computer to stop malware but as soon as a malware reaches a network it is sometimes too late and it can begin to harm. That’s why a gateway antivirus is essential in a secured network.

CacheGuard gateway antivirus inspects objects more deeply than other solutions, rejecting viruses, trojans, worms and other malware before entering your network from the Web. A gateway antivirus is a complementary technology to traditional antivirus installed on computers reinforcing your protection against malware threats. CacheGuard detects over 4,000,000 malware and its database signature is updated 48gr times per day.

With CacheGuard you play it safe with your business.

CacheGuard Web Gateway is not only a gateway antivirus but it is more than that. It is a firewall, a Web proxy, a reverse Web proxy, a WAF, a URL filter, a traffic shaper, a Web cache and compressor, an SSL mediator and much more.

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Powerd by ClamAV

CacheGuard antivirus module is based on ClamAV. This antivirus detects MS Office macro viruses, mobile malware, and other threats. It supports 32/64-bit Portable Executable files and 32-bit ELF files. Additionally, it handles the following files:

  • PE files compressed or obfuscated with the following tools: Aspack (2.12), UPX (all versions), FSG (1.3, 1.31, 1.33, 2.0), Petite (2.x), PeSpin (1.1), NsPack, wwpack32 (1.20), MEW, Upack, Y0da Cryptor (1.3).
  • Almost every mail file format including TNEF (winmail.dat) attachments are supported.
  • The most popular file formats like: MS Office and MacOffice files, RTF, PDF, HTML.
  • Various obfuscators, encoders, files vulnerable to security risks such as: JPEG (exploit detection), RIFF (exploit detection), uuencode, ScrEnc obfuscation.

The antivirus module scans not only simple files but looks inside archive and compression files. The following archive and compression formats are supported: Zip (+ SFX), RAR (+ SFX), Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, MS OLE2, MS Cabinet Files (+ SFX), MS CHM (Compiled HTML), MS SZDD compression format, BinHex, SIS (SymbianOS packages), AutoIt, NSIS.

Lear more about the antivirus in the User’s Guide.