CacheGuard Web Gateway appliance embeds a Gateway Antivirus.

Gateway AntivirusTraditional Antivirus & Gateway Antivirus

A traditional antivirus installed on a computer can block a malware as soon as it reaches that computer. This is the primary role of a traditional antivirus. One more benefit of a traditional antivirus is its ability to scan the local HDD of a computer in order to eradicate suspicious files that have already been installed on a computer. Having a locally installed antivirus is essential for the security of an information system but there some drawback to this way of working:

  • As soon as a malware reaches a network it is sometimes too late and it can begin to harm.
  • From only 70% to 95% of malware are detected by a single antivirus technology.

In order to address those problems, CacheGuard Antivirus scans the Web traffic at the Gateway and instantly eradicates suspicious objects even before they can enter into your networks. In addition, with CacheGuard Antivirus you boost your security by adding a complementary antivirus layer that can block malware slipping through your local antivirus.

CacheGuard Web Gateway is not just a Gateway Antivirus but it is a Firewall, a Web Proxy, a Reverse Proxy, a WAF, a URL Guard, a Traffic Shaper, a Web Cache, a Web Compressor, an SSL Mediator/Inspector and much more.

Powered by ClamAV

CacheGuard Antivirus is based on the very well-known ClamAV antivirus. Because our primary concern is to provide the highest possible security level to our customers we have extended the ClamAV signature database with additional malware signatures that we gather from third parties. Our Extended Antivirus Signatures come as a bonus with our URL Blacklists service.

Also good to know is that CacheGuard Antivirus inspects objects more deeply than traditional antivirus, rejecting viruses, trojans, worms, ransomware and other malware that commonly enter your networks from the Web. CacheGuard Antivirus detects over 4,000,000 malware and its database signature is updated 48 times per day. You can find more information about the CacheGuard Antivirus in the CacheGuard User’s Guide.

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