Network Appliance Development

At CacheGuard Technologies Ltd, we are experts in network appliance development. Tell us your requirements and get solutions in record time. We propose to develop your custom network appliance that perfectly matches your specifications.

Custom Network Appliance

We are developing and maintaining our own network appliance called CacheGuard since 2001. CacheGuard is a robust and mature Unified Threat Management & Quality of Service manager offered as a Hardware or Virtual appliance. At the heart of CacheGuard you can find CacheGuard-OS, which is a highly integrated Linux based Operating System dedicated to network security and optimization. Because CacheGuard-OS development has been based on a modular development methodology, we can base our new developments on already developed modules in order to produce new custom appliances in record time.

To build a new customized network appliance our methodology is simple: a) We adapt our existing modules to your requirements in order to build a robust base for your future appliance. b) We add new open sources packages to that base to meet your requirements. c) And finally develop (or integrate) new customized programs to compete the solution. It is just as simple as that!

CacheGuard-OS is based on a hardened Linux Operating System built from scratch running on top of customized Linux kernel. We use bash as the main scripting language to stick together hundreds of Open Source technologies to obtain a Robust, Self-Managed and Secure network appliance. We can also develop in Python, PHP, C, JavaScript an many other languages. Developing network appliances is not only our livelihoods but our passion! Let us help you with your important project; you won’t regret it a single moment !

Any questions regarding our development service? Do not hesitate to Contact-Us today and we will be happy to study your project.

Other IT services

In addition to custom appliance design and development we provide other network and security services. Tell us your IT projects and we will endeavor to help you with solutions. We are specialized in network appliance development, Technical Infrastructure Architecture design, DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) design and integration of IT solutions based on Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Apache, Squid, CheckPoint, FortiNet, F5 Networks, McAfee Web Gateway, BlueCoat and many others.

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