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The Web is harmful

The Web has never been more important than it is today! For most of you using the Web to offer your services to your clients and partners is inescapable.

Unfortunately, there are lots of dangerous threats on the Web and the Security issue has never been more important than today!

To make your life easier, and your web presence optimal and safe in this proliferating market, we propose an Off-the-Shelf and turn-key solution to remedy all vulnerabilities you may have as a Web surfer or a Web application provider.

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CacheGuard Security
CacheGuard Appliance
Web Security

CacheGuard serves as your secure portal to the Web with an integrated solution to secure, protect, and optimize your business. Keep your applications, servers and end-users secure with our appliance.

CacheGuard protects and optimizes your business using the following technologies:

Web Security & Optimization
  • Protecting Web surfers & Web servers
  • Guarding against unwanted URLs
  • Filtering the Web Content
  • Saving the network bandwidth
  • Load balancing/sharing the Web traffic
  • Increasing the Web availability
  • Saving the Internet bandwidth
  • Cloaking Web Servers
  • Filtering HTTP requests
  • Protecting your Privacy
  • Securing against Data theft
  • Tracing Web access
  • Authenticating Web users
Technical Features
  • Web Caching and HTTP Compression
  • Bandwidth Shaping & Scheduling
  • IP Firewall with NAT & PAT
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Web gateway Antivirus
  • Redundancy & High Availability
  • HTTP Transparent Implementation
  • URL Black & White Lists
  • Integrated DHCP Server
  • Integrated cache-only DNS
  • Logging Web access
  • LDAP Authentication
  • Light-Weight Administration

Little story: Your company has to face to serious virus infection and security compromises (somebody hacked the network and theft secret informations) and you are looking urgently for a solution. Think about having a security solution to prevent disasters!