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Setting up a Web Gateway

Setting up a Web Gateway like CacheGuard, which integrates numerous software, adequate hardware and proprietary developments, requires Time, Money and moreover, advanced technical Know-How. The CacheGuard is your answer to finding an Off-the-Shelf Web Gateway Appliance that secures and optimizes Web traffic, all in one package.

CacheGuard is available in three forms: A Hardware appliance, an Operating System (OS) and a Virtual Appliance.

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Web Gateway

CacheGuard secures your Web traffic at the Gateway. Stop threats before they can enter your network and Optimize Web traffic.

Why choose CacheGuard when there are other web gateways to choose from?

The answer is simple. Most other companies sell their products separately, one for a firewall, one for an antivirus, one for caching, one for optimizing bandwidth... you get the picture. With CacheGuard, all of these products, and more, are included in one product. CacheGuard is an Integrated Solution.

CacheGuard Web Gateway

You can activate or de-activate the functions as per your companies' needs, learn about other functions you might not have known about before, and have one simple interface to control them all. This solution is much tidier and efficient than several hardware boxes stacked up on one another, with several web administrative interfaces to interact with and keep track of.

CacheGuard is Off-the-Shelf: benefit from sophisticated well-known Open Source technologies without the hassle and complexity of integration.

CacheGuard is Virtualizable: Virtualization definitely reduces your hardware costs. Because we propose an OS (Operating System) solution it can run in a VM (Virtual Machine).

CacheGuard is Trustworthy : Because our solution is based on Open Source (1) technologies, you take advantage of source code transparency and reduce the risk of trusting closed technologies.

CacheGuard is Functional: Our solution is wired to manage both Security and Optimization for Web traffic in a unique functional box. Implementing our solution in your network is transparent for end-users and applications.

CacheGuard is Adaptable: Our software supports almost all x86/x64 based hardware solutions on the market. There is no need to depend on a unique hardware manufacturer to run our solution.

(1)The proprietary part of the source code is open but it remains non-free. See the CacheGuard License For further information.