Your Needs

Whether the Web is at the core of your activity or just you are a regular Web user, you need Web Security to handle its underlying network traffic. Otherwise you expose your activities to severe threats and take the risk of harming your activities. CacheGuard solutions meet all the requirements in terms of Web Security and Optimizing for your Web traffic with an innovative and unique core product called CacheGuard Web Gateway Appliance. If your concern is the Web Security and Optimization without ruining yourself, CacheGuard is for you.

Web Security and Optimization

In our corporation, we are specialized in the development of solutions that manage the Web traffic from the perspectives of Security but also Web Optimization. Because we are living in a world of specialization, we prefer to stay focused on the Web traffic rather than engage in diverse activities. As a consequence, we do our best to propose high quality solutions focused on the Web traffic only.

With CacheGuard you can restrict the Web access, reject unwanted or dangerous Web contents, reduce your bandwidth usage, accelerate the Web traffic, track users activity and much more. Consequently you protect your Web users and Web applications and increase the quality of your services. CacheGuard solutions allow you to get control over the Web traffic that go through your organization by deeply inspecting its content even if that content is in an encrypted format.

One core Product, Multiple solutions

Why only one core product? Because we have simplified your quest for a Web Gateway by integrating all of the required features into one product. Still confused? Don’t be. The answer is simple because you don’t have to choose. All of these features are included in our solution. You can enable or disable the functions as per your needs, learn about other functions you might not have known about before, and have one simple interface to control them all. This solution is much tidier and efficient than several appliances stacked up on one another, with several administrative interfaces to interact with and keep track of.

CacheGuard solutions give you the ability to effectively Secure and Optimize the Web traffic with an easy to handle integrated appliance. If you have any requirements around the Web traffic that you think it’s not offered by CacheGuard Web Gateway appliance, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We will be happy to find a solution together.