URL Filtering Web Gateway

CacheGuard Web Gateway appliance embeds a URL filtering facility.

CacheGuard URL FilteringURL Filtering

With CacheGuard URL Filtering you can restrict the Web usage to websites that are actually useful in your organization, and thus increasing the productivity of your Web users while keeping your organization safe by preventing the access to malicious websites.

The filtering of URLs is based on blacklists (denied) or white lists (allowed) of domains and URLs. This way you can give access only to allowed websites enumerated in your white lists or deny contents enumerated in your blacklists.

URL filtering is also a core part of the Web security as it prevents access to unauthorized or malicious websites, protects your network from malware, spyware and other threats.

URL Filtering Policy

Because in your organization all users (or computers) may not have the same rights and privileges, our solution allows you to fine tune your URL filtering policy. The URL filtering policy can be tuned according to the access time, source IP address, belonging to a LDAP/AD group of users and the target website category.

For instance you can allow servers in your organization to have access to websites that allow OS update only while human users can access all the Web except Social Networking, Gambling and SpyWare websites during business hours. In addition you can have a group of users who can access websites that are related to an SaaS (Software as a Service) on the Web. CacheGuard allows you to achieve this by creating URL guarding policies and associated rules.

Lear more about the URL Filtering in the User’s Guide.

URL Blacklists Service

You can build your own customized URL blacklists for your specific needs and/or subscribe to our URL blacklists service for profiting from maintained and high quality lists of URLs classified by category. The URL blacklists service is is proposed as an option attached to a subscription plan. You will find more information on this topic at URL Blacklists.