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Here you can find the ISO CDROM image of CacheGuard OS and a package that contains a VMware Virtual Machine pre configured for 25 end-users.

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You can consult the change logs HERE.

CacheGuard OS

CacheGuard OS transforms your machine into an All-in-One Web Scurity Gateway Appliance.

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CacheGuard Appliance
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To verify the authenticity of your downloads, we strongly encourage you to use GNU Privacy Guard. You can search for our public key on a public key server or get it HERE. The key fingerprint is: C8DC 8A5B D894 B676 5226 41B5 DCB1 8A3A FDFE D8F2 and the key ID is: FDFED8F2.

Available downloads

DescriptionDownload linkPGP signature
The bootable ISO CDROM Image (File size to download: 75.6 MB)CacheGuard OS v5.7.7 Bootable CDROM (md5sum 81785d39a39236b9fdce46fede266bf5)
Getting Started
CacheGuard OS v5.7.7 Signature
VM for 25 users - 20GB HDD /1 GB RAM (File size to download: 98.3 MB)CacheGuard v5.7.7 - 25 users Virtual Appliance OVA file (md5sum ef66aef6fbb63d3ae031673ab331efa9)
Getting Started
CacheGuard v5.7.7 - 25 users Virtual Appliance for VMware (C) Signature
GPL modified source codeGPL related Source Code (md5sum 321db1ce850955b7fd55b5dd7c65f2c2)GPL related Source Code Signature
The place you can download the VMware (C) virtual server softwareVMwareFollow us on VMware

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