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About CacheGuard OS

CacheGuard OS is an integrated Security solution based on a custom-hardened version of Linux built from scratch and specially designed to manage Web traffic. The result is a powerful and turn-key solution that allows you to protect and optimize Web traffic traversing your Web infrastructure.

CacheGuard OS features numerous Web Security and Optimization technologies in a single functional network equipment. Technologies like Proxy, IP Firewall, Bandwidth Shaping, Caching, HTTP Compression, URL filtering, Web Application Firewall and Web Malware filtering are all integrated into a unique Operating System with respect to a high level of integration. The Web Security issue can be fixed easily with CacheGuard OS.

CacheGuard OS
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CacheGuard OS
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CacheGuard OS is an Appliance oriented Operating System dedicated to Web traffic Security and Quality of Servie (QoS). It integrates the best technology into a Ready to Use solution. Install CacheGuard OS on the hardware of your choice and transform your machine into a powerful Web Gateway Appliance.

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CacheGuard OS is the result of the aggregation of multiple Open Source Software (as OSI definition). All CacheGuard software components are subject to the GNU General Public License v3 while the aggregation of those components and other Open Source Software forming the CacheGuard OS is licensed under the CacheGuard OS License Agreement.

Please note that integrating numerous services into an All-in-One ready solution, leverages the implementation work, improves performances and reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the final soltion.

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